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When considering the purchase of a used vehicle, many concerns come to mind. Things like, "What is the repair history of this car?--will it cost me a mint with constant repairs? Has it been in a serious accident and has many problems that can't be seen yet? Is it safe to travel in it with my family?"

Let Shaffer help put your mind at ease! We have the very same concerns about vehicles you do. We only offer the most sound used vehicles. With over 30 years in selling cars in the Cumberland area, we have a time-tested responsibility of looking after our customers. That's why we offer:

Get a Free CARFAX report on every used vehicle!

Now you can know what has happened in the life of the vehicle you are considering. Be at ease knowing that an issue in the past with your car won't come back and haunt you.

Play it safe and enjoy purchasing and driving your used vehicle--go with Shaffer!
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